Speaker: April 5, 2013

SPEAKER: Jonathan Brewer
Business: EarthWorks Environmental Incorporated
Website: http://www.earthworksusa.com/

JonathanBrewer2Jonathan Brewer is the Founder and President of EarthWorks Environmental Incorporated of Odessa, Florida. Mr. Brewer is the inventor while EarthWorks is the developer and manufacturer of “METS” the Matrix Enhanced Treatment System for the ex-situ treatment of organic and inorganic contaminated soils.

Mr. Brewer is degreed in Hydro and Pyrometalurgy and is a Certified Environmental Inspector (CEI), Certified Environmental Specialist (CES) as well as one of the first designated as a Certified Remedial Specialist (CRS) and is a currently Licensed Environmental Professional (LEP). Mr. Brewer is a past Advisory Director of the Environmental Assessment Association and is a current member of the Florida Environmental Assessment Association.

Jonathan has been a member of the California League of Cities as well as the Urban Land Institute. Mr. Brewer has held the appointed positions of Project Review and Design Review Commissioner with the City of Roseville in California and is currently an elected Community Development District Supervisor in Pasco County, Florida.

The METS technology received the prestigious “Most Innovative Technology Award” from the University of California at Davis as well as the “Special Recognition Award” from BERC in Sacramento. The METS technology is recognized as a unique technology and as such has received a US Patent as both a process and apparatus.

In the past, EarthWorks has utilized its METS processors for demonstrations and small commercial projects, however our current focus is to train our licensees and get the technology in the hands of end users for commercial use as quickly as possible.

Jonathan has just completed a medical mission trip with his wife Anne to Guatemala. Jonathan will be the President of the Rotary Club of Safety Harbor, Florida in 2013-2014.