Speaker July 12th – Corey Yeung – Outbound Rotary Youth Exchange Student

Corey Yeung Rotary Youth Exchange

Corey Yeung
Rotary Youth Exchange Student


こんにちは (Konichiwa)! Hello! My name is Corey Yeung, and I am 17 years old. I graduated from St. Petersburg Collegiate High School in May, simultaneously earning my High School Diploma and Associate’s in Arts Degree. I am eagerly excited for this year long exchange to Japan to be enlightened by their culture. I live in Safety Harbor with my mom, dad, older sister, and lazy-but-loving dog. I take my academics seriously with utmost fervor, trying to gain knowledge whenever an opportunity is given. In school I would consider my forte to be math although I have interests in other subjects as well, such as English and speech. Additionally, I try to learn any unfamiliar vocabulary words I come across as it can be very supplemental to my communication skills. Aside from academics, I have hobbies that allow me to stay active as well as to lay back and relax.  Foremost, my prominent hobby is soccer. Soccer not only keeps me fit, but it gives me a chance to ease any stress I had from that day. I have been playing soccer for over a decade and I’ve enjoyed every part of it, from the heated competitive moments to the bonding that teamwork and sportsmanship brings. Soccer has kept my mind sharp and astute, critically evaluating which actions to perform even when the ball is on the other side of the field. Other hobbies I partake in is watching movies and television shows, going out with friends, playing the piano, and traveling. Particularly, exploring new areas and venturing out to new locations seems to open up a spirit of discovery within myself; traveling has enriched my awareness in adapting to new environments. I have traveled occasionally to different states and have also studied abroad to Italy, which was truly remarkable. The immense effect of international relations today has tremendous correlation with my future-planned occupation.  In the near future, I aspire to be a successful business entrepreneur, hoping to make a significant impact in our world. Rotary International is an enabler for me to have a fundamental understanding in communication skills and cultural awareness. To have the opportunity to be given this unique, amazing experience makes me extremely appreciative. I want to specifically thank Rotary International for choosing me as an exchange student to be immersed into a new culture and way of living. I would also like to give my appreciation to my mom, dad, and two older sisters for supporting me to take part in this educational and life-changing experience. Gaining novel perspectives from this exchange will give me a new outlook that will benefit me later on. I will uphold this honor with utmost potential and vigor. The lessons from this exchange will be unparalleled, helping cultivate me into a cultural ambassador.