Speakers: April 12, 2013

The speakers will be the Group Study Exchange Team from Buenos Aires, Argentina.  They will discuss the cultures of Argentina and the USA and their impressions of both countries.


Rotarian Team Leader: Sr. Gustavo Perez-Fagonde

  • Male, age 52, married, 3 sons – ages 20,15, and 11
  • Languages: Spanish/English
  • Profession/Specialty: CPA/Business Consultant
  • Special Interests: Providing a great GSE experience for the team

Team Member: Dr. Hernan Jorge Sanchez-Remundo (MD)

  • Male, age 38, single, no children
  • Languages: Spanish/English/French
  • Profession/Specialty: Image Diagnostics, especially Pediatric
  • Special Interests:
    • Learning more about diagnostics using imaging
    • Wants to visit St. Joseph’s/All Childrens’ Hospital

Team Member: Dr. Julian Ezequiel Inacio Settembrini

  • Male, age 29, single, no children
  • Languages: Spanish/English/French
  • Profession/Specialty: Coordinator for the Ministry of Public Health

Team Member: Sr. Federico Damian Camacho

  • Male, age 28 (his birthday is April 9th!!!), single, no children
  • Languages: Spanish/English/Portuguese
  • Profession/Specialty: Music Therapy
  • Special Interests:
    • Focus on clinics & residence centers for disabled/elderly persons
    • Cultural enrichment while in the USA

Team Member: Dr. Denise Ingrid Cylryn

  • Female, age 41, marital status unknown
  • Languages: Spanish/English
  • Profession/Specialty: Family Medicine- personal and social health